27 Feb 2013

NEVER LET GO – Coming in April, 2013

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Hi everyone,

In only a few weeks time, my biggest novel to date will be released.

Entitled, Never Let Go, it tells the story of a famous American author, Reece Cole, who after losing his young daughter in a botched kidnapping, decides to end his life. But, before he can go through with it, a stranger arrives at his front gate. Speaking into the intercom, the man tells Reece that he knows something that has the power to change his life and that he will return in a week’s time to share more information. Before leaving, he slips something into the mailbox. 

Torn between walking down the passage to his room, where his revolver is waiting to send him home to his daughter, Reece decides to see what the stranger has left for him.

He runs out to the mailbox and withdraws a small grey envelope. Inside the envelope is a single white card. Written on the card are six words.

Words that offer the impossible.

I can bring your daughter back.

Check out the book trailer as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XkdMqr8Izk



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  1. charlotte says:

    Hi Gareth did tell you would let you know how I felt about your book never let go. Firstly I do not like SA authors because I am tired of the same old same political situation black on white and white on black love across the colour border. blah blah blah enough already. So here go’s Gareths book it was incredible a book really worth reading I could not put it down its was so exciting that I could not waiit to read what happens. \you have me hooked and I certainly would buy another Gareth Crocker book again. My book Club ladies are going to love the book, I wish you lots of sucess in the future.

    Please try not to change your style of writting my son Mark loved the book as well.

    Best wishes
    Charlotte Kisogloo

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