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What’s worse than nobody coming to your event?

– An author’s life #1 By Gareth Crocker The reality of being a South African author is really quite interesting. On a recent publicity trip to promote my current novel, Never Let Go, I found myself standing in the lobby of a fancy hotel, preparing to sign for my room. Feeling a little bored, I […]

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Prominent Hollywood film producer teams up with SA author, Gareth Crocker

July 1, 2013 – Best known for the critically-acclaimed blockbuster, Blood Diamond, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Djimon Hounsou and Jennifer Connelly, renowned Hollywood film producer, Gillian Gorfil,  has formally attached herself to two novels written by the South African author, Gareth Crocker. Apart from producing the five-times Oscar-nominated Blood Diamond, Gorfil has worked on a number […]

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Gareth Crocker’s Never Let Go attracts major international interest in its first month

– South African’s LA-based novel about a child rescue ‘from beyond the grave’ captures the imagination  May 21, 2013 – As South African author, Gareth Crocker, continues to launch Never Let Go (Penguin 2013) around the country, the novel has already attracted interest from both Hollywood and publishing giants, Reader’s Digest International. The novel, a […]

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A few questions about the craft – a Q&A

Hey everyone, I was recently asked by the magnificent Tracey McDonald, from I Love Books, to answer a few questions about how I go about writing my novels. If you’re interested, here is the Q&A: From first draft, to published book, how much editing do you do? My process is pretty much the same from […]

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NEVER LET GO – Coming in April, 2013

Hi everyone, In only a few weeks time, my biggest novel to date will be released. Entitled, Never Let Go, it tells the story of a famous American author, Reece Cole, who after losing his young daughter in a botched kidnapping, decides to end his life. But, before he can go through with it, a stranger arrives […]

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The madness of ‘Never Let Go’

My upcoming novel, Never Let Go, is scheduled to be published in April, 2013 and is (hopefully) a high-octane thriller/love story. It tells the story of a famous author who loses his young daughter in a botched kidnapping. Shortly after her death, and as the author prepares to take his own life, a stranger arrives […]

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