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NEVER LET GO – Coming in April, 2013

Hi everyone, In only a few weeks time, my biggest novel to date will be released. Entitled, Never Let Go, it tells the story of a famous American author, Reece Cole, who after losing his young daughter in a botched kidnapping, decides to end his life. But, before he can go through with it, a stranger arrives […]

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Journey from Darkness – a Q&A

Gareth Crocker’s latest novel, Journey from Darkness (October, 2012, Penguin), was co-written with his father, Llewellyn Crocker. It tells the story of two brothers who, after surviving World War I, escape to South Africa. Following in their late father’s footsteps, they devote their time to trying to save the country’s last remaining elephants from savage […]

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What a journey it’s been

Hey, everyone. Now that Journey from Darkness has finally made it to bookshelves, both real and digital, I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am. If you’ve read some of the other literature on the site, you will know that I co-authored the novel with my father, Llewellyn. It has truly been one […]

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