Finding Jack

By Gareth Crocker

After losing his wife and daughter in a plane crash, US journalist, Fletcher Carson, joins the flagging war effort in Vietnam where he hopes to die. However, during one of his early missions he rescues a critically wounded Labrador and helps nurse him back to life. Fletcher names the dog Jack and as the bond deepens between them, he slowly regains his will to live.

After several successful operations together they return to base one day and discover that a ceasefire has been declared, officially bringing an end to the war. But it is soon followed by devastating news.

As the soldiers celebrate an end to the madness, the government announces that due to the cost of the withdrawal, all remaining US dogs serving in the war have been declared ‘surplus military equipment’ and will not be transported home. For the hundreds of dog handlers throughout Vietnam, whose dogs had saved countless lives, the news is greeted with shock and disbelief.

For Fletcher, he knows that if he abandons Jack, then he too will be lost.

When the war ends, how do you leave your best friend behind?

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