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‘Wait … let’s not murder this beautiful animal for sport,’ said no trophy hunter ever

An Open Letter to animal lovers, everywhere – The fight to save the White Lion is at a critical point By Gareth Crocker A friend of mine was recently involved in a rhino relocation programme and the experience both moved and haunted him in equal measure. The rangers explained that rhinos are particularly easy to […]

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Hold on a minute, I thought I was the author here?

An Author’s Life #6 By Gareth Crocker As I see it, there are quite a number of problems with being an author these days. Firstly, there’s the rather unfortunate issue of it not paying very much. Sure, there’s the joy of holding one’s own book in one’s tear-stained hands and the thrill of seeing your […]

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My favourite place in Joburg is an old dark room with a sticky floor

Column written for The Times newspaper – October 9, 2013 By Gareth Crocker After my publicist informed me of this assignment, I was tempted to do the predictable author thing and write about a heavenly glade or an idyllic valley nestled between the rocky bosoms of some enchanting mountain range. Where rabbits hop and deer […]

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